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Order colored contact lenses for your mind-blowing looks

What to do if your eyesight drops noticeably? Unfortunately, eye diseases are the burning issue of our century, and it's difficult to prevent further worsening. Getting the appropriate contact lenses is the best decision ophthalmologists can offer. However, not all contacts are intended for eyesight correction. The modern market offers a perfect alternative for those who want to experiment with their appearance - colored contact lenses. You don't need a prescription to buy them. Just choose the required color and radius and go ahead. These accessories will help you enhance your unique image, add expressiveness to the look, or gain maximum resemblance to your favorite game or movie character.

We used to customize our outfits, adorning ourselves in one-of-a-kind jewelry and clothing pieces. Why not change the color of our eyes as well? Especially if taken into account that they are the first thing our surroundings notice. Whether you seek a standard option for daily use or want something extraordinary like cosplay contact lenses, Beauty Eye Shop is at your service. As the saying goes, why fit in when you were born to stand out? And that is what our colored contacts come into play. 

Are you the right candidate to wear our affordable contact lenses?

Unfortunately, contacts, both prescribed and fashionable, are not for everyone. That is why before you go to buy contact lenses online, make sure to consult an ophthalmologist to learn whether you have the following eye conditions:

  • dry eye syndrome

  • an extreme case of myopia

  • allergy to lenses or cleaning material

  • conjunctivitis and other bad eye infections

  • keratitis, dystrophy, and other corneal states

  • glaucoma and many other chronic eye diseases

  • diabetic patients

Another thing to know is that kids’ eyes are too sensitive to wear contacts. That is why it is not recommended to wear contacts for people under 14 except in exceptional cases when they're prescribed by an eye care professional. 

Let yourself be different wearing the best contact lenses from Beauty Eye Shop

Our store offers both zero contacts and prescription models made of soft silicone hydrogel. With such oodles of cheap contact lenses on the menu, it’s easy to get lost. That’s why Beauty Eye Shop decided to help you by making this small guide:

  • Prescription lenses. These contacts are divided into daily, fortnight, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual wear. Their optical power ranges from 0.00 to 8.00, and they also come in various colors, from ocean blue, green, and purple to hazel and even red.

  • Color lenses. This section offers you to choose from traditional blue or green lenses to funky, creepy, and other extraordinary options. Most colored contacts are not for vision improvement. They are used to create some new, stylish looks with little to no effort. 

  • Cosplay lenses. The correct contacts are half the battle for the complete cosplay transformation. We stock Sharingan, Halloween, animal, zombie, and many other colored contact lenses that will make you a star of the evening. 

On top of that, we offer handy magnetic lashes that will give your eyes the wow effect. The technology is simple: two rows of false lashes are adjusted to your own ones from both sides. As a result, you get a magnificent look in less than a few minutes. 

Order contact lenses online at discounted rates

Beauty Eye Shop stocks the newest, top-notch contacts available on the market. With us, you can buy contact lenses online, not worrying about their quality and safety. We sell only certified products and set price tags much lower than our competitors do. On top of that, we regularly introduce super deals and promotions. 

Whether you need contact lenses to improve your eyesight or change the eye color, Beauty Eye Shop is your one-stop solution for everything. Creating dramatic fashion statements has never been so easy.